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Class F Restricted Airspace for BVLOS Flight Testing

Whether developing beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) capabilities, implementing new systems & procedures, adding a new capability, or flight testing newly manufactured UAS, the Foremost UAS Test Range has the airspace and experience to accommodate a wide range of UAS activity.

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Class F Restricted Airspace
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Foremost UAS Test Range Featured in Government of Canada Video

July 13, 2021

They are called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). But you likely know them as drones. And they are revolutionizing many industries by increasing efficiencies and cutting costs. These aircraft range in size, and can transform how organizations access and survey land, move goods and build new infrastructure.

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Alberta Premier Jason Kenney visits Foremost UAS Range

December 28, 2020|

Being one of the two only UAS ranges with extensive vertical flight allowance within Canada and North America, Kenney sees the Foremost UAS Range as a great opportunity for economic growth within the province of Alberta. As Doug Hanna, the range manager mentions that the unmanned aircraft is a fast-growing industry.

Home on the range (By Gary Watson, Skies Magazine)

September 20, 2018|

On a vast swath of southern Alberta prairie, near the tiny village of Foremost, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) have unrivalled freedom to roam. “The large … airspace has a wide variety of terrain features,” said Doug Hanna, manager of the [...]

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The Foremost UAS Test Range is available to gain operational RPAS experience or to prove the capabilities of the systems you are operating when flown under BVLOS conditions.

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  • 3000′ x 75’ Paved Runway

  • Adjoining Apron and Hangar
  • Hangar Equipped with Airspace Command & Control Centre

  • Remote Operations Centre (ROC)
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An airworthiness program organizes the evidence that the RPAS and the RPAS organization are proven as being ready, or airworthy, to conduct the intended operation.

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  • Project SkySensus – Advancing BVLOS

  • WD – Support SMEs to Prepare for BVLOS
  • Government of Alberta/CARES – Advancing BVLOS for SMEs


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