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What our Test Range Offers

The Foremost UAS Test Range includes 700 square nautical miles of Class F Restricted airspace up to 18,000 feet ASL for UAS BVLOS Research & Development and Test & Evaluation.

With over 300 VFR days per year, long sight lines, and an abundance of surface features, the airspace is well suited to BVLOS operations for large and small UAS including small multi-rotor aircraft as well as development of payloads, communications, and detect & avoid technologies.

0 FT
UAS BVLOS Research & Development
0 NM 2
Class F Restricted Airspace
0 VFR days/year
Long Sight Lines & Various Surface Features

Range operations are managed under a strategic partnership, known as the BVLOS Innovation Centre (BVLOS InC), which combines the world class UAS Test Range capabilities with the technical, operational, and regulatory RPAS expertise of UxS Consulting Limited. This allows users to access the Range and/or any required expertise to help them achieve their RPAS aspiration.