Restricted Airspace for BVLOS

The Foremost UAS Test Range is available to gain operational RPAS experience or to prove the capabilities of the systems you are operating when flown under BVLOS conditions.

The Transport Canada approved Foremost UAS Test Range is available for anyone to fly. Advice concerning flight testing protocols or information regarding Range access can be gained by contacting the Range Safety Manager.


The Foremost  UAS Test Range operation is located at the Foremost Airport (CFD4) @ N49°28.98' / W111°29.67'
Elevation is 2909 feet (887 metres) MSL with an asphalt runway: 3000 x 75 feet (915 x 23 metres) oriented 05/23.

The Foremost UAS Test Range consists of three (3) regions: 1) CYR234: Surface to Below 10,000FT ASL; 2) CYR235: Above 4,000FT to Below 10,000FT ASL; and 3) CYR236: 10,000FT to Below 18,000FT ASL. For planning purposes, you can find the Test Range KMZ files for each of the 3 restricted airspace segments below.

KMZ files for CYR234-236

The restricted airspace of CYR 234, 235, & 236 covers a 700 NM2 area, and up to 18,000 FT ASL. Together they contain some of the most accessible airspace for R&D and T&E in North America.

An extensive road network makes every square mile of the airspace easily accessible.

Largely flat terrain affords extended sight lines.

 The large farming industry also ensures forgiving terrain in case of a forced landing.

Map of Foremost UAS Test Range Restricted Airspace

Map of Foremost UAS Test Range Restricted Airspace

Under the BVLOS InC partnership, the Foremost UAS Test Range provides access to an experienced team of engineers and technologists with broad experience in Defence R&D, technical and operational RPAS expertise, as well as regulatory compliance.

Range users can develop and extend their RPAS capability.

Range Features

Varied terrain with full ground access to all airspace

Oil and gas infrastructure

Crop and range land

Water features

Power lines and telecommunications towers