The safe operation of a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) is a complex and demanding undertaking that requires diligent preparations, training, and experience. 

An airworthiness program organizes the evidence that the RPAS and the RPAS organization are proven as being ready, or airworthy, to conduct the intended operation.  

Under SkySensus, UxS Consulting and Peraton Canada have combined their specific expertise to create a fulsome RPAS specific, risk-based airworthiness program. UxS Consulting has defense and civilian RPAS technical, operational, and regulatory compliance expertise.

Peraton has expertise in defense technical airworthiness and is the only organization to hold four DND accreditations for airworthiness as an Acceptable Technical, Design, Maintenance, and Materiel Support Organization.

An airworthiness program defines an RPAS operation and provides the foundation for safe operations, in that the RPAS has been –

  • Designed with engineering rigor, constructed using verifiable processes and materials,

  • Maintained in a predictable manner,

  • Operated within approved regulations, standards and designated limitations,

  • Without mitigating significant hazards to crew or public, 

And that tasks are conducted:

By trained, certified and approved, competent individuals

Who are acting as members of an approved organization,

 Whose standard and completeness of work is verifiable and accepted by the regulating body.

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