The Airfield

  • Paved Runway (3000’x75’)
  • oriented 05/23


  • Lat 49.483, Long -111.494
  • Elevation: 2909ft
  • ICAO: CFD4
  • Mag declination: 12°E

The Hangar

Located near the runway with a fully paved apron making for easy access.

The Hangar has a 60′ Door and the interior workspace can accommodate large “MALE” type UAS.

The Hangar comes well equipped with:

Basic Tools

Electronics Lab

Conference room

Airspace Command and Control centre that provides a commanding view of the airspace

Kongsberg IRIS Airspace Awareness application and uAvionix ADS-B system

SparrowhawkTM radar

The ROC (Remote Operations Centre)

  • Configurable to function as

    • BVLOS command and control station, or
    • UAS Traffic Management Center (UTM).
  • Equipped to be self-sustaining for several days

    • On-board gasoline generator, and
    • Multiple fuel sources.
  • The ROC and its tow vehicle truck are well-equipped for your needs

    • Separate LAN’s allowing multiple situational awareness technologies to be integrated,
    • Integrated SparrowhawkTM radar,
    • Command and control station monitors,
    • 14-foot workspace,
    • Work benches & basic tools,
    • Rear ramp can also be used as a covered deck ,
    • The living space includes a bathroom, kitchen and sleeping space.